From West to East coast to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


It began in Hawaii.

Cole Heisey is born at Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu Hawaii, the son of Melinda Heisey and  Mark Heisey, and the first of three children. Cole’s father was a Marine officer stationed at Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station.  

The Heiseys move to the West Coast.

Cole’s father was re-stationed in Monterey Bay, California to attend the Naval Post Graduate School there. Cole liked the street performers, the cable cars, the Redwoods, Yosemite Park, Alcatraz, and, of course, the incredible aquarium in Monterey Bay. His grandmother, Marianna Michels, and his younger brother are pictured here. 

Then to the Carolinas.  

Cole lived in both Beaufort, South Carolina and Havelock, North Carolina. Cole loved to play with his friends outside and on the Nintendo, go crabbing with his dad, ride his bike, go camping, practice Taekwondo, and boogie board at the ocean. 


Settling in Sioux Falls 

Catholic Schools and USD 

Cole attended St. Mary’s Catholic school, followed by O Gorman Junior High and High School, graduating in 2009. He played sports his first couple years, but enjoyed most of all bowling and debate. Having loved reading the classics and wanting to make a difference, Cole studied political science and philosophy, ultimately graduating in 2015 with a Bachelors. He visited Moscow, traveled to many places in Europe, parts of the far east, and some areas of the USA. His inquisitive and considerate  nature remains alive today.

Post College 

Cole lives in the Cathedral historic district and has worked downtown at a family-owned bakery for nearly half a decade. Cole recently started up golf, still likes to bowl, regularly works out and still loves nature. You can find him reading, listening to music, riding his bike, enjoying cold drinks alongside a bonfire, but now you can also find him campaigning and talking to the People of his district.