Cole Heisey

I want to ensure liberty for all, make sure your taxes are low and well spent for your benefit, maintain law and order, making sure we’re all safe and free of fear at any hour of the day, promote wholesome and stable families, a strong faith community, and prosperity for all, so everyone has the best chance of acquiring higher paying jobs, a dignified life, and a happy future. 




“We’re building our team of volunteers to win. With your help and support, we’ll make that a reality, together.”

– Cole Heisey

My Vision

Liberty, Justice, Prosperity and Happiness for All

I am running because I want to see my community, city, and state thrive, economically and spiritually. I believe it is the duty of every responsible citizen to get involved in their community. A free Republic requires its men and women to be good people who work for the public benefit. I want to do what is best and right for the people of my district, to represent them in Pierre, and to see to it that their interests are chiefly served, no matter their background. I will do everything in my power to better the lives of South Dakotans, because I’m running for the people of District 15 and the greater prosperity of South Dakota.

My Life

USD Graduate

America has done more than any other in moving human progress forward. Let us also carry the torch. 

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We must all use our time, talent, and treasure to make the world a better place. There is no gain without some sacrifice. 

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